Vietnamese wedding ceremony


In the marriage of Vietnamese people, when boys and girls get married, Vietnamese people call it a wedding, a wedding ceremony or, more simply, marriage, called wedlock in Sino-Vietnamese. For Vietnamese people, the wedding ceremony is one of the four important rituals and is the most concerned by society.

Traditional customs and rituals

Lễ dạm ngõ

With the consent of the bride’s family, the groom’s family brings the ceremony. The must-have offerings are betel, areca, wine, tea, cake, candy, drinking water … Betel and areca are required because the story of betel and areca in Vietnamese fairy tales represents the love of husband and wife, relatives meat. Betel piece is the beginning of the story, without betel, there is no ceremony. The offering was offered to the ancestor’s altar. After that, the groom’s family will bring back the ceremony that the bride’s family has saved, which is called the fruit return.

Lễ Ăn hỏi

Also known as the name of the ceremony, according to the old custom is to ask the name of the girl, but today the parents on both sides already know it. Any house girl who has accepted the ceremony is considered to have a place, a place. After the feast of eating, there must be happy newspaper, divided betel. The bride’s family quoted in the groom’s offering to a betel leaf, a betel nut, a small tea package, a rice cake, or some jam seeds. All wrapped into boxes or envelopes of pink paper, brought to relatives and friends of the bride’s family. The groom’s family also reports the joy, but it is not with this gift, but only the greeting card. Also during the engagement ceremony, the two of them intended to always have a wedding day.

Wedding – Marriage (takes place on the day of the procession of the bride)

It is the day when the groom’s family brings the wedding ceremony to the bride’s house to pick up the bride (as below will be stated). The meaning of the ceremony is that the groom’s family contributes to the bride’s family the cost of the table, letting the bride’s family know everything is prepared. With jewelry for the bride as capital (her parents-in-law will give it to the bride’s house in front of many invited officials – the bride’s house and grandmother), she can safely build a new home, not so much will face deprivation.