Tips to help girls always beautiful when taking pictures

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There is a truth that you are beautiful on the outside but not necessarily on the picture you are beautiful. And the beauty of photos sometimes does not belong to the girls of heavenly colors. There are also people who are “born” beautiful when they are photographing, but, if you are not, there are still ways to influence and change. Please keep in mind the Tips to help girls always beautiful when taking pictures, surely it will help you to get beautiful photos and no longer worry about ugly in the photos from now on.

1. Comfortable and pleasant thoughts

This may be old, but sometimes the best way to get a good expression is to free up thoughts about pleasant things: a special memory, a memorable moment, or a sweet thing your friend, Your husband, wife or children have done for you, shared by stylist photographer co-editor Anna Naphtali. “True thinking about happiness will help bring a genuine smile or look forward and ease a forced facial expression.”

2. Resolve facial expressions and shooting postures

If you have thin lips, separate them a little and blow them slightly, or in other words, raise your lips a bit to create a thicker effect, this is the advice of world supermodel Sarah Ingle. “With a round face, you should avoid facing the camera, instead tilt your head slightly to one side.” If you have a short chin or a hooked nose, what should you do? Sarah recommends pointing the jawbone a little bit forward and taking pictures from above, which will create a balanced frame.

3. Your own smile

Have you ever noticed the stars on the red carpet with their smiles always changing from time to time? Because they have figured out which laughs best suit them, noted by former international model Tiffany Hendra. “Grab your banjvaf phone and take some of your pictures until you find your own smile that you are most satisfied with. Practice will bring to perfection right?

4. Keep things simple

“Don’t force yourself to take photos, be more relaxed and relaxed. Nor should it be as frightening as a deer with its headlights on. Make sure you are upright and you can even only slightly bend your back. ” and like Tiffany said, practice, practice and practice.

5. Remember: proper lighting is the secret

According to portrait photographer Aaron Gil, the main tip for getting a good look in a photo is to find the right light to complement your face. “Avoiding excessive shading highlights the blemishes and causes of dark contrast in the skin under the eyes and under the nose.” The addition of light should be from the tip of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, and also from the cheek to the cheek.

6. You have no defects

In the face of common sense, a bad angle doesn’t really exist, says photographer and former model Nigel Barker. “Focus all your energy on the camera with confidence and turn around a bit. This will help you show off that great curve. ”

7. Create lines when sitting

“Your curves will be blurred to the background if you don’t adjust your sitting position,” says Nigel. “Make sure you sit up straight and face the edge of the chair. This will lengthen the upper body and make sure the camera captures your lines clearly. ”

8. Wear suitable clothes

Wearing the right color of clothing will help you look 2 to 4 pounds lighter, as noted by Gil. “Clothes with dark tones will thin the middle, thighs and arms. You should avoid long, slender dresses that will accentuate the fullest area of your arm. ” Should say no to the horizontal fabric, as it will make the hips and waist much larger than usual.

9. Put your hands on your hips

It is always good to put your hands on your hips, McCarthy says. “It accentuates your waistline, gives you a more slender feel and even makes the photo look more natural and more vibrant instead of just dryly putting your hands around you.” When creating such a shape, McCarthy recommends that you extend your fingers forward, palms to the back. “It gives you the opportunity to show off your rings or other gem accessories and it also looks more natural and comfortable.”

10. Point the camera up

Notice when you ask someone shorter than your guy to take pictures of both of them, it makes the bottom chin line disappear? That’s because they shoot from the bottom up, said by Tiffany. “Always put the camera at eye level or just a little higher, it will bring the perfect chin.”

11. Know what makeup to use

“If my client plans to wear makeup or has a support specialist, I always remind them that foundation or concealer that contains SPF will reflect light and should be avoided,” noted by Amanda Bellucco, a professional photographer in New York. “When the top creams come with a flash you will look pale, wash off and shine.” Use only a thin layer of cream and remember that the camera tends to lighten things like lip color, blush, and especially eye makeup, so there’s nothing to worry about with a slightly darker makeup in these areas.

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