Should or should not become a daily photographer (Street Photographer)

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Top 6 reasons NOT to follow the line of everyday photography

Your photo won’t get many “likes”

Most people on social media do not appreciate the art of everyday photography. Cats and flowers will get more “likes”.

Your photos won’t sell

People usually don’t buy photos on this subject unless the photographer is a celebrity.

You will not earn any money from them

No one will pay you to walk for hours with a camera to take pictures of strangers.

This is very scary

We may feel apprehensive when photographing strangers on the street or asking permission to take a portrait. It’s not for the shy. You will be rejected immediately and some people may become angry and there is a possibility of conflict.

It requires a lot of patience and you have to walk a lot

You can be out on the road for hours and come home with an empty memory card. The hunt for stories, gestures or expressions can take you miles. You have to learn to be satisfied with just one good photo in a day, if at all.

Just because a picture is beautiful and “artistic” doesn’t mean it’s a beautiful everyday photo

You only have one chance to capture a moment and it will never come back. So many of the best shots will have blur and nosie. When you have to choose between the good photo and the story in the photo, the story always wins.

Top 6 reasons to follow real life photography

You will be part of a very interesting community

Only people who truly appreciate the art of everyday photography will “like” your work and it means much more than any other “like” you get for a good photo. The community of this art is amazing. They are passionate because they do it for pure love, not to please anyone or to get attention on social media.

You are recording the life around you

Casual photography is not an effective money machine in the art world. As a photographer of the subject, you have to look at the bigger picture (I’m not pun intended). You are creating photos that reflect the moment in time that will provide valuable insight to future generations. Take a look at the work of everyday photographers from 50 years ago and how much we have learned from it. That means you never know when someone likes your photo and will want to buy it. Be open to the idea of ​​buying and selling every now and then, but don’t depend on it for your entire career.

You take pictures for yourself

You won’t get paid just to walk down the street with a camera next to you, but on the bright side, you won’t have to compromise with customers. Put the making of money aside and go out to take pictures for yourself.

Very easy to get addicted

Life photography is never easy and it is followed by countless difficulties. But the push you feel is just as powerful as the one wildlife photographer gets when she gets the perfect shot of the wild wolf. This line of photography is fascinating, engaging and addictive.

Walking is good for you

Real life photography will make you appreciate the world around you more. You will never be bored anywhere again. Get a good pair of shoes and get out there, practice is a fun way to exercise too.

You won’t waste much time on post-processing