Reasons to break the rules in photography

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Rules are rules, standards or formulas, general conclusions that force people to follow in a common activity or in a job. But sometimes we need to break the rules to make a difference, create new, strange things, especially in the field of photography. Here are the Reasons to break the rules in photography I want to share with you

Why do you need to break the rules in photography?

After spending hours, weeks, even months learning about the rules of photography, you can finally confidently say that you are no longer a “novice” who only knows how to shoot. Souvenir pictures with the “click and shoot” (point and shot) always automatically turn on the flash in any case anymore.

Learning the fundamentals of photography is essential to getting out of the hands of a beginner. Learning about the composition, how the aperture or shutter speed affects an image will really enhance your grip skills.

The problem is that, if you simply follow the rules of photography that can be searched from all sources on the Internet, the works you produce, though beautiful and irrefutable, will only always the same as what others have taken decades ago. Photos without creativity, taken from habit, “instinct”, follow a set of thinking that is already set in your mind. Years, ten years, or not even that long, when looking back at what you have taken, can you pick up more than one photo to point to it and say, “This is a breakthrough of life (photography photo) me ”?

Please note that in this article, the author does not deny the importance of understanding the basic rules when taking a picture. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama taught, “Understanding the principles, in order to break them effectively.”, This is also true in the art of photography. Photographing in the beginning does not have any knowledge of photography is very different from photography when taking out all the photography knowledge that you know. Because, if you were just “lucky” to take a good picture, you wouldn’t know how to repeat them again.

And now, with the familiar readers who have been following GenK’s Digital Camera Topics from the early days, it’s reassuring to know what ISO is, what is speed, what is aperture, how to do it In order to capture exposure, know how to accentuate your photos with the rule of 1/3, etc. and so on, here are 5 reasons to take your camera out of the house, and temporarily remove them all into one. party to try starting in a new way …

1.To photography is not a boring habit

Have you ever encountered this situation: On the weekends you get a break, you have to “take” the device out of the house because it is very beautiful today. You “must” take macro photography of flowers and leaves because you and your wife and children are hanging out in a very beautiful flower garden. You “must” apply the rule of 1/3 because this photo has a horizon and the subject fits well into that composition. etc.

Or your best friend asked you to help make a portrait photo to attend a beauty pageant through photos. Beside you, she also asked two more brothers “photographers”. The three of them all showed humility, humility, praise and suggestions to each other through each photo. You put the camera up to take a look, and as if there was a heavy pressure that made you “have to” compose the camera like this, set the aperture like that, ask her to pose in that way.

All those “must” are shackles you put on yourself after reading and training hundreds, thousands of times according to photography teaching materials. You get angry because the pictures are always the same, but they’re “safe”. Because you are afraid of abandoning them will make you receive only the frowns and reluctant compliments from friends, wife and children when showing them photos.

That can happen every time you take your camera, and that inadvertently becomes a pressure that makes the device you hold in your hand become too heavy. Taking photos becomes an obligation, a different kind of work, while what you really need when holding the camera out for the weekend is to relax, relax after a stressful working week.

Don’t rush to think about what other people would judge you from the moment you look into the viewfinder. Instead of thinking that the other lady relies on you because you’re a person with a very deep knowledge of photography, think that there are many other people out there who know the rules for free to read online. There, and if you only capture things like them, the next time you’re busy, that girl won’t have a hard time finding a better replacement.

Always try to break the rules that are accidentally becoming shackles that make you always think you have to “do” something. Be able to start a new idea, a new challenge every time you hold the device. Do you have a 70-200 telephoto lens that specializes in portraits and flowers in the sky? Why not take it out and take some “sneaky” photos of everyday life? You go out with your wife and children in a very beautiful flower garden? Why not hunt for photos of a bee sucking honey?

2.”Error” is sometimes the only solution, or better

Every calculation always has one or more errors. Sometimes you try to force the subject into a strong vertical line, but the image fails because the background is too confusing with the oblique horizon. Why not try to “throw” the subject in the middle of the frame, and move closer to take advantage of the subject as a veil that hides the “trash” behind? The action may be “wrong” in the 1/3 principle, but otherwise known as “layout symmetry” and “frame filling technique”. Interesting, right?

3.Trying to be creative helps you more respect what you do not understand

We often go to the paintings exhibition of a very successful and famous ABC XYZ artist. Standing for a long time in front of a picture, then slightly elbowed each other and asked softly: “Understand?” before slipping out into a hidden corner and laughing hard: “Surreal, surreal must be, how can I understand!” The problem is that behind that wry smile, you know in your heart that you can’t draw something like them. You do not know what techniques they have used. You don’t even know how they tinted.

Trying to break the fundamentals learned to realize how hard it is – because “there is a sky outside”, what you think you’re “creating” is mostly just a thing in The darkness is beyond your understanding – it will help you more respect the efforts of other individuals who have made to make a breakthrough and set higher steps in the history of photography.

4.You lose nothing when you create

The era of film rolls… The time when each press took was once we saw the wallet in our pocket thinning was long gone. Capture – do not like – delete – capture – do not like – delete … There is not even need to delete when today’s digital technology has created memory cards with a capacity of up to several hundred GB, the mobile hard drive As small as a business card with a capacity of up to Tb. Also do not drag “shutter life” here to preserve the idea that every click will make the device … a little worn out. You will quickly realize that the device is always sold because we are “excited” with new technology before they reach the threshold to replace the shutter.

5.Principles are also only built from others

Photography, like every other profession, stands on the shoulders of giants: Avedon, Adams, Karsh, etc. The list is endless. We learn from them how to use natural light, how to set subjects, how to choose a camera and lens, we memorize their photographic statements and we become disciples their unrecognized death. If luck and talent are available, we can take photos that are close to world class. But for everyone who knows photography, and more importantly, for ourselves, those photos are simply a reproduction. That is like “type 1 fake goods”, “Chinese goods” or whatever is just a cheap copy from what others have made.

Of course, you may think that the creativity of others, of people living by photography, famous for photography rather than ours, people who hang out on weekends to enrich the spiritual life. But at least, it makes our “photography game” more interesting. Let us not forget why we spent a great deal of money on glass and lenses instead of a cheap travel machine. Searching, discovering, in all fields there is always solidarity. Keeping your mind creative is always a good medicine to disrupt a stagnant life.

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