Points to note when taking photos underwater and how to protect your camera

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When underwater photography is needed, preparation is an important factor in determining whether your dive will be successful. In order to obtain satisfactory photos, the more thorough the preparation. Here are the points to keep in mind when underwater photography and how to protect your camera that Hoi An Photographer wants to share.

Check Before Diving

Ensuring the camera is securely stored in an underwater camera bag is one of the most important things when taking photos underwater. If the water gets into the bag, it could damage the camera.

In addition to ensuring that the underwater bag is not exposed, you will also need to ensure the safety of accessories such as filters, flickering devices and lanyards. when you’re underwater, and losing your device will cost you a lot of money.

Before diving, check the depth limit of the underwater bag to make sure you do not dive deeper than that.If you want to dive deeper, use the bag that allows it. time and depth of diving to protect yourself and the device. For example, Canon Waterproof Case WP-DC55, dust and water resistant at a depth of 40 meters, perfect for recreational diving.

t is important to pay attention to diving suits and equipment by making sure that nothing is protruding. According to sharp objects, they can damage your device, including the camera.

The ways to tie the mountain under water are a little different from the usual way: from knots, tie numbers 8, woven knots, square knots to two ties, you can use them to tie the rope on the spot. watermark or boat anchor.

On The Diving Boat

When you have completed all the necessary preparations, it is time to dive.Before jumping into the water, note that you should never jump with strong force because the force from the jump can damage the device Hand over the device to the driver of your boat or friend, slowly into the water and then take the device from them.

If there is no help, get the device close to your body and slowly get into the water. This way, your device is protected and less likely to be damaged by motivation and water.

Choose to use the round trip technique (smaller boat) or long step (larger diving boat) because these are more effective ways to enter the water. You can also use the ladder of the boat if you do not use the above techniques.

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