Instructions on how to edit portrait photos in Photoshop

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Photographer Sean Tucker made this 36-minute video through portrait editing in Photoshop.

The first thing he did was apply the one-third rule, making sure that the eyelashes were within one-third of the photo. Here are instructions on how to edit portrait photos in Photoshop.

Next, Tucker continued to use healing brus to remove the distracting details of the image.

Tucker conducts a large number of different types of edits in this tutorial video, and it’s interesting to see how he selects and exploits each one. As well as editing, he works with dodge and burn tools, Tone, Sharpening and Contrast. All this is done using mask and blending mode. Even the texture.

Finally, he created two versions: one is colored and one is black and white:

Check out the entire video above to see the entire editing process taking place:

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