How to create beautiful portraits is done in the neighborhood where you live

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Each town or city has its own charm. From modern steel and glass skyscrapers to historic buildings to industrial parks. You can also create extremely artistic images if you can take advantage of the beauty of the streets, graffiti painted walls, doors, neon lights,… With Hoi An Photographer share how to create beautiful portraits made in the neighborhood where you live.

The best time to take urban portraits

The best time for urban portraits is whenever you and your client or model are ready. Regardless of lighting, weather, or location. The success of the last photo shoot is in your hands.

My favorite time to take urban portraits is just before sunset. This allows you to combine the golden hour shots with the sunlight, the lights of city lights mingling with the light of the sunset.

Search for a place

A portrait shoot usually takes about 90 minutes, allowing for about 6-8 locations.

Ideally, you should conduct a site scout at the same time you plan to shoot before the shoot takes place. This is so you can identify the light, see how it is, and plan accordingly. However, in reality, I often do reconnaissance work during the day.

Before scheduling the shoot, take a moment to wander the city to find 8-10 places close to each other. The reason for finding multiple locations is that you need to be flexible during the shoot. Cars or trucks can block alleys, crowds may move back and forth at the time of shooting, or the light may not be as expected. There are many things that can make a place inappropriate when you arrive.

Here are some ideal places for you to take photos and create new inspiration

Neon light

Neon pictures are so popular on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. They are very interesting and are a great idea for creating creative visual effects.

The glass door mirrors

Mirrors of reflective glass also create interesting visual effects that make your image composition look different.

Standing from above

The bustling metropolis with lights coming from tall buildings or street lights will create a beautiful and romantic setting.

The amusement park

Amusement parks are also a great option because they often have lots of light and light bulbs. You can manipulate electric lights to make your model stand out.

The walls

Select unique walls and do not place the model too far from the walls to avoid making the walls blur, you can refer to this simple method to create beautiful images.

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