How much does it cost to travel to Hoi An?

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In the article “How much does it cost to travel to Hoi An?” Hey, I would like to share and analyze for you the extremely detailed self-sufficiency travel expenses of Hoi An, with the starting point from Da Nang.

There are many vehicles you can choose from to go to Hoi An, including extremely economical options. Specifically:

  • Bus: Currently from Da Nang there is a direct bus from Da Nang to Hoi An, with a cost of only 1 usd / way.

Note: The car only runs from 5:30 to 17h50.

  • Motorbike: 50 usd (car rental) + 2 usd (gas cost).
  • Open bus: The price for each way is about 4 usd, round trip is 8 usd.

Note: Only a few cars run at fixed times such as 8:00 am or 3:00 pm.

  • Shuttle bus: VND 25 usd / 2 way
  • Taxi: The price is usually slightly higher than the shuttle bus. Taxi price in Da Nang is about 13k-15k / km. The distance from Da Nang to Hoi An is about 40km. If you take a taxi, you can negotiate, if it is reasonable, go.


Since the tourist destinations are not too far from the center of Hoi An ancient town, you can completely move in Hoi An by bike or motorbike. The most convenient thing is to rent a motorbike for about 5 usd / day, or if you want to be cheaper, have an interesting experience, you can rent a bike for about 3 usd / day.


To calculate how much money you have for sightseeing in Hoi An, you must know how many days and where to go in Hoi An, so in this section I would like to list the price of the tour with fees in Hoi An for your reference. Which point do you go then add the cost of that sightseeing tour.

  • Visiting Hoi An ancient town: VND 80k / person

Note: Buying a ticket to enter 4/22 special points in the old town, traveling, sightseeing, eating and drinking in the old town is comfortable, this is not a ENTRY TICKET. If you go during the day, the company should buy, but going in the evening, many destinations are worth going to, they will be closed.

Refer to the article: 8 things to do in Hoi An ancient town when traveling to Da Nang

  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village: VND 15k / person

Terracotta Park Thanh Ha: VND 30k / person

  • Tra Que Vegetable Village: VND 10k / person
  • Cu Lao Cham: This I have shared a lot already, went on tour Cu Lao Cham during the day so you should go on tour, the price is only about 560k only. If you plan to go overnight, the canoe rental (only given and taken) is 300k – 350k / round.

Reference: Cheap tour Cu Lao Cham during the day

  • Seven-acre coconut forest in Cam Thanh: If renting a boat from Hoai River area of ​​the old town, it takes about 400k / person / 2 hours. If you go by road to Cam Thanh, you just need to rent a boat or boat to visit the coconut forest. The rental price for a large boat, with a rowing person for a large group of people (you can join) is 50k / person. Private basket boat rental, self-rowing, enough for 2 adults is 150k.
  • Vinpearl Land South Hoi An: 500k / person (package ticket)
  • My Son: 100k / ticket

Hoi An is not a place that does not focus on seafood, so the cost of eating is not as large as in Da Nang, so I charge about 100k / person / day is comfortable and full.