Hoi An Ancient Town – Time Stopped Beauty

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Hoi An – where life is so calm. Hoi An – where it seems that the involuntary flow of time cannot bury the ancient atmosphere. The old tiled roofs are covered with moss, red lanterns, and delicately carved panels, all of which bring us back to the world of a few hundred years ago. That is just a simple part of Hoi An ancient town, but it is enough to make people fall in love and forget the way.

  1. Introduction to the ancient town of Hoi An
    Where is Hoi An Ancient Town – Hoi An Ancient Town Danang
    Hoi An Ancient Town is an ancient town located in the lower Thu Bon River, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, Vietnam, about 30 km south of Da Nang city.

Hoi An is a city in Quang Nam province with many old quarters built in the 16th century and still exists almost intact up to now. In ancient Western documents, Hoi An is called Faifo. Hoi An Ancient Town has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. This is a place that attracts a lot of tourists from Da Nang – Hoi An.

  • Pictures of Hoi An Ancient Town – Introduction to Hoi An Ancient Town