Da Nang travel experience Self-sufficiency Price is SUPER CHEAP, so go 2020

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Da Nang tourism is no longer a strange name for those who love moving. Known as the most dynamic and livable city in Vietnam, this place converges the beauty of the sea and converges the beauty of the mountain with many beautiful beaches, many famous landscapes and many more. . If you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang, take the time to visit and experience this land. If I am not confident enough to explore, I can save travel experiences in Da Nang that I will share shortly. That is all the practical experiences in my last trip, will definitely help you a lot!

I have been to Da Nang many times, more or less have experience of places to visit, hotels to stay, delicious restaurants, entertainment places … attractive, cheap. In particular, this time I use both self-sufficient motorbike rental service and tour. You do not need to worry about anything, just read through this article and save your backpack and go!

Da Nang tourism experience 2020 you need to prepare what?

You must have heard of this sentence as well. Any trip, too, with careful preparation, your journey will be more decent and complete and in this most livable city in Vietnam, too. So what do you need to prepare to travel to Da Nang?

  • Summer beachwear: Remember to bring swimwear because My Khe beach is rated in the top 6 most attractive beaches on the planet. In addition, you also need to prepare more hats, umbrellas and sunscreen because the temperature here is quite hot during peak season.
  • Summer outfits: Active young people should bring loose and neat clothes to freely run and jump. You can bring ao dai to visit Hoi An ancient town and Hue. In addition, the female friends are also preparing to add thick high heels, beautiful skirts showing off their check-in at night in Da Nang.
  • Costumes when traveling to Da Nang in winter: The central provinces when entering the period from October to February, the weather is as cold as the northern provinces. And often rain, so dress warm, although you should also be prepared. This time it is not possible to swim in the sea so people do not need to bring swimwear
  • Necessary personal items: You need to carefully calculate what should bring and what should not. But surely in your suitcase will not be able to lack common drugs, medical bandages, personal belongings, makeup (if you are girls).
  • Necessary personal items: You need to carefully calculate what should bring and what should not. But surely in your suitcase will not be able to lack common drugs, medical bandages, personal belongings, makeup (if you are girls).
  • Types of identification documents: The last and most important thing is to always have identification papers with people such as: ID card or passport, … to present when requested. If you intend to rent a motorbike in Da Nang to freely explore the destinations, remember to bring a motorbike driver’s license !!!

Masks: In the past, the mask was only used to avoid sunlight and dust on the road. But now not only traveling to Da Nang but with all other provinces you must be equipped to prevent cvovid-19 epidemic.

In my opinion, just preparing is enough, many people want to bring more things (if convenient and possible, just bring them) but I advise not to bring too much to reduce cumbersome. Next are the suggestions on the ideal time for you to go to Da Nang.

Da Nang tourism experience to go in what season | The time should and should not go to Da Nang

Da Nang is located between the South and the North, so it is influenced by the climate on both sides with 2 distinct seasons, the dry and the rainy seasons. Therefore, everyone has to calculate when Danang is the most beautiful and most convenient for travel to visit. The timing is not really favorable. After many times going back to Danang, I found the weather in Danang was also very “cute”, not too harsh like in other provinces. To help you choose the right time, I will share more about this issue.

The most beautiful time to travel to Da Nang without storms?

The most appropriate time to travel Da Nang is from March to August. This is the time when Da Nang enters the dry season with little rain and storm, the clear blue sky is suitable for your travel trip. At this time, the temperature is quite high, so the marine tourism activities are invested more. The attractions also actively organize festivals to attract visitors.

Experience safe travel to Da Nang without worrying about Covid-19

Since Da Nang’s discovery of the first Covid-19 infected patient, named 416 on 24/7/2020. Da Nang officially closed all business, service, cultural and tourist activities to stop the epidemic. This has made Da Nang a bright today, winning against Covid-19 when it announced its complete translation.

From 0:00 on September 26, 2020, Da Nang officially restarted all services as usual. The government has announced that Danang is completely out of translation and reopens daily flights from all destinations to Danang.

Tourists have gradually returned to Da Nang to enjoy the vacation. The city’s stimulus campaigns for tourist destinations with high preferential prices, opening almost all famous spots such as Hoi An, Ba Na Hills, Cu Lao Cham, Nui Than Tai … for tourists sightseeing.