Commercial Photography | What exactly is commercial photography?

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In general, the definition is as simple as possible that it is a photograph for commercial sale. Advertisements, products, website images, catalogs, menus,…. Every profession imaginable needs images to represent it.

Commercial photos are very influential. Customers can use it from as small as an online store on Etsy or as big as a product introduction website. And not only for online purposes, a lot of people want to print products out loud and hang on company hallways. Or images that have a humorous or strong meaning to the spirit of the company.

chup anh thuong mai banhmiphoto

In this article I (the author) will talk about some of the basics as you get acquainted with commercial photography. We’ll learn how to prepare a lightbox, choose the right lens and body system, and create basic product and post-production lighting.

Photography equipment

Capture box

Extremely useful to get started. There are many types of shutter boxes that fold back and unfold as needed. Easy to take pictures for product website, catalog. Handy for shoots in small spaces. Changing the background is easy, the most common backgrounds I use when taking pictures are white or black.


I went with the Nikon 105mm and f2.8 and I really love it. In fact, all images used in this article use a 105mm lens. Enlarge small, sharp and detailed objects, which are benefits when grapefruit uses macro lenses in commercial photography.

But remember that the commercial image needs to be taken care of. Macro lenses easily exaggerate unwanted details such as scratches or dust on the product. I will return to how we solve this problem in a later section with Lightroom or Photoshop.

chup anh thuong mai banhmiphoto


I use a dimmable LED instead of dedicated studio lights. It is a good and inexpensive start when grapefruit are just getting started in photography. To some extent the LED light is softer than studio lights, especially when the grapefruit does not have expensive diffusers.

Even with an Led light, I was able to produce pictures with good contrast. I love playing around with the lights to create the desired shadow behind.

Be mindful of Flare, which is troublesome when direct light is on the lens. Sometimes Flare helps grapefruit to create a super galaxy super cool shot, but most of the time, it’s a nuisance because it loses detail, changes the color and contrast of the object to be captured. .

I will meet you in part 2 with the above article and basic notes.