Beautiful family photography techniques.

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In order to take beautiful family portraits, you don’t necessarily need a lot of technical elements, but it’s not that simple because there are quite a few things to keep in mind. To make it easier for you to take pictures of your family, here are some photography techniques to help you get beautiful family photos right below:


Did you know that 90% of the quality of beautiful family portrait photography lies in the facial expressions of your subject? The rest depends on the composition of the light, the posture of the body and the background. Avoid cluttered backgrounds, messy backgrounds that make your photo unstable, arrays forming overlapping lines cut into the subject.


After arranging or defining the background, the composition of the photo will be the choice of location for everyone in the family. In addition to horizontal lines, if the family has few people, mixing the front and back positions in a large family will make the composition of family portrait photography not boring. Young people stand aside for the middle position for the elderly and children. Or the tall and young people standing behind the elderly sitting in the front, the baby standing next to or being held and hugged by grandparents.


Creative posture will help you enhance the beauty of the photo. Instead of a group of people lined up evenly, you can divide them into small groups standing side by side. One shoulder overlap will bring the heads of subjects closer together. Just seeing one shoulder in the photo is a beautiful family portrait pose.

Do not choose a sitting position facing the shoulder perpendicular to the lens, but choose a slight angle of rotation for family members when sitting with knees and legs folded to one side.

Family members should not put their hands on their sides, which will make it feel stiff and forced. Put your hands in your pocket, hold your hands on your shoulders or hold the hem of your vest … Thus, the pose of family portrait photography will look more dynamic.


Choosing soft light at dawn or dusk when photographing family portraits will perfect your waters. The faces of each family member are also not wrinkled or wrinkled due to the harsh light. You should also use a gentle blowout to avoid shade on people’s faces. The lighting in the room is usually from top to bottom so you should also put a light bulb below to balance somewhat the contrast in direct light.

Just apply the techniques just shared above and you will have the perfect and wonderful family portrait photo session!