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How to take beautiful shimmering family photos? It’s not easy to take great pictures for the whole family. Especially for families with small children. For those who have not had photography experience, or have just had a first baby, it is necessary to really invest in ideas, outfits and context … Let’s take a look at the following steps. to have beautiful family photos together!

Step 1: Choose a unique family photo idea!

In the past, when it came to family photos, most people would think of them as rigid pictures. Adults are wearing suits and dresses. Children are dressed in a white princess dress. Then there are pink lip makeup. Fortunately, technology has changed our minds a lot about our aesthetic conception now. So it’s much easier to refer and choose the shooting idea!

Here are some suggestions for you:

Iconic family photography

This is a photography idea mainly in black and white tones. The photo will capture the feet or hands of the day. A little abstract, a little artistic. But extremely simple and easy to implement and extremely meaningful.

This type of photography is very suitable for families with a newborn. Just a picture full of family love. Also marks the birth of your baby.

Father and Son – Mother and Daughter

A long-known family photo shoot idea is my home with the little girl. And of course he took it with the boy. Not promoting sexism, but this picture has lovely contrast. You can combine family photos with a picnic. Just combined games for the whole family to divide the male and female factions. Just get natural images.

Close-up portrait photo.

Mom gave me lips, daddy gave me eyes. How special it would be if there were close-up pictures of the whole family. The whole family will not need to think too many poses for special baby photography. Just put the whole family next to each other and magic happens.