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Hoi An, a lovely ancient city in Vietnam, is too famous for its Japanese Covered Bridge, or for delicious foods like Cao Lau. But do you really know how to put Hoi An in your own lens yet?

Shoot in the early morning

Only in the morning can the full beauty of Hoi An be captured, when the tour groups have not arrived and the heat has not yet come. Sun color in photography has always been of utmost importance. Many people like the color of dawn, many people like the color of the sunset. Although the sunset color is very beautiful, in Hoi An at sunset is the most crowded time for tourists to drop lights and see Bai Choi.

So the early morning is the moment when there is both beautiful sunlight and the crowd avoids the crowds of people destroying the peace of Hoi An that you want to capture in the frame. The best time is from 5:30 am to 7:30 am every day.

Yellow background

The city is a city of yellow color so nothing says you have come to Hoi An clearly by photographing old yellow houses. Shoot at right angles to these houses and you will see amazing results. The best way to capture these backdrops is Phan Boi Chau – home to colonial French architectural houses, or, Tran Phu – with Chinese architectural houses.

Lantern & Confetti Photography

Raise your lens up and take two things that seem to be the most characteristic of Hoi An right away. Different streets are covered with different lanterns of all colors and shapes. Confetti on the roofs of Hoi An seems to be a specialty, try crossing the street and taking a wide angle to see the house and see the confetti.

The gardens are well hidden

Architecture of Hoi An’s house is narrow but long houses divided into many rooms: the first one for business, the second for receiving guests, the third for a private resort. The middle space always has a roofless garden that helps to air-condition and receive natural light, making the house in Hoi An not too hot and still full of light. These secret gardens are very beautiful that will help you have your own color when coming to Hoi An.

To the sea

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