4 common mistakes when taking photos and how to fix them to create more professional images

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Following some of the rules when taking pictures will help make your images more sophisticated in the eyes of the viewer. It will make your subject stand out, less distracted in the eyes of others, here are 4 common mistakes when taking pictures and how to fix to create more professional images.

1. Dual object

The first example is what Ranft refers to as a ‘dual object’ where you place two objects in an image with the same weight. This divides the viewer’s attention and creates conflict in the image.

Instead of splitting the image, select the subject at the front and create isolation using shallow depth of field. This will make the main subject more prominent.

2. Look

In this example, the model distracted the viewer because the gaze directed the viewer to focus outside the image.

3. Tangent line

This example shows that the trunks are cutting through the object that will make the viewer focus on the trunks instead of the model.

By finding a more open backdrop, it will help viewers towards the model.

4. Lazy

Ranft’s favorite example is “pet photos,” a typical snapshot that many people can take of being a cute animal. This is an image made without much thought – only intended to include the subject somewhere in the frame.

Improving this photo does not take much effort. Simply looking for another angle will greatly improve the image. Ranft’s advice is to try not to be lazy and keep looking for better angles.

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