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10 Tips for Mindful Wedding Photographers
Imagine, when the door opened, thousands of people started rushing into the hall. Bright light. Exciting music. The guests were even more excited. What you will do? Where to start? You see the groom waving at you in the distance, and now he is walking nimbly toward you. With proper know-how and planning, a wedding can really be a great arena for beautifying your photographic profile. Here are a few tips to guide you.
# 1 Get to know the couple.

This is the first suggestion on the list as it is extremely important. The bride and groom are the most important people. Knowing them better helps you fully understand the needs and preferences of the couple. It will also be easier for them to open up to you. Comfort is key for the best photos!

# 2 Understand couples shooting styles.

Put yourself in their shoes to catch the exact subject. In this way, each photo will be a reflection of the couple's personality - this is the key goal of every wedding photographer.
# 3 Know who the guests are.

Know all the guests that you have the foundation for a great shot. Please be the face out of the important face in the name of them and write the location of them on the time of the people ...................... ” . This 'the message type' will visualize you at a moment when you realize you are at the right time, the right place for that finished photo.

# 4 Look at the point from before.

Thanks for the space event. Study your shooting angles and position shooting strategies so that you don't have to appear under the spotlight and remain right in the center for easy shots. The photographer will always capture the best moments.

View view about location HERE

# 5 Up a snapshot list.

Setting up a methodical strategy will be of great benefit to you when the wedding heat up. Make a note of the wedding and where you should be at each stage of the event. Make a snapshot of each special request pair and incorporate those requests into each picture.
# 6 Shoot as much as possible.

Lack of choice is something no one wants. At the editing stage, the more options you have, the better your choice will be. Make full use of Burst Mode as it lets you capture every moment. Use this mode to capture all the important moments, such as tossing confetti, handing a wedding ring or other carefree moments.

# 7 Always shoot in raw format.

Speaking of the editing phase, taking pictures in raw, unprocessed format makes editing much more efficient and true to what you captured at the event. When shooting RAW images, you have better control over how the image comes out. Photography at weddings, where things move very quickly, can cause photos to be overexposed or dimmed. But when shooting in RAW, you can easily retouch the images without sacrificing quality.

Here are some shooting techniques that are helpful for handling RAW images on the camera.
# 8 Always convert.

If you stand in one position, all the images you see will be the same. Please make up the photos of my them enlarged thanks to different angles and fonts taken from different points at the wedding venue.

Hint: Be creative and capture the lighting conditions during the ceremony when you need to switch, setting the camera to Speed ​​mode priority to avoid capturing the picture blurred.

Learn more about snapshots to hone your photography skills.

# 9 How professional.

Put the work first, all to serve the couple through your photos. Each customer is a function of the customer. So, make sure to create solid impressions and the author matches the style.

# 10 Find a partner!

You don't need to embrace the whole event alone. When there are different pins of the photo taken at different locations of the wedding site, you will have additional characters and time to focus on for each shot. You are not a gold time time to the other place. You can stand and wait for the time over.

If you are interested in starting a wedding photography business, check out this article for some more basics.